Prince Carlos

Addressed as His Royal Highness Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme

Titles Duke de Bourbon de Parme, Prince of Piacenza, Duke of Madrid
Titles from  the family of his father, Prince Carlos Hugo. In 1996 incorporated into the Dutch nobility

Name: Carlos Javier Bernardo
Nickname: Carlos

Date of Birth
27 January 1970

Place of Birth

Princess Irene and Prince Carlos Hugo (1930-2010) Parents divorce in 1981

Younger brother Prince Jaime and younger sisters Princess Margarita and Princess Carolina

Married to (Princess) Annemarie
Civil wedding took place at 12 June 2010. The church wedding was planned for 28 August 2010, but becouse the death of the father of Carlos (Carlos Hugo) it was postponed and it took place on 20 November 2010.

Carlos has a son from a (short) relationship with the name Carlos. With Princess Annemarie he has two daughters, Princess Luisa and Princess Cecilia

Director INSID

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