About site and administrator

February 2016

Nice that you take a look at this website.

I’m Mariska. 22 years. I live in the Netherlands. I work as a pedagogical worker at a day care centre and school care. My interested in the royal Family started in 2002. I started blogging in 2007.

In 2007 I start with blogging about the junior Eurovision Song Contest.  My interest in these declined and I got the idea to create a website about my other interested: the Dutch Royal Family. After a few months  working behind the scenes I published my website about the Dutch Royal Family on 2 January  2010.

After more than 1.5 years working in the system ‘web log’ this system moved to a new system.  That was not without trouble.  With this transition  it seemed  to me a good moment to make a .nl domain. And so www.thedutchroyalfamily.nl. was started.

In February and March 2015 I got help from Yvette. Anja writes the series ‘The oranges from the present to the past’

Do you have any question , suggestions or tips? Feel free to ask in a comment , mail or other messages.