Besides news articles I also post articles with background information. These are divided into series. Around special birthdays and anniversaries I also post specials

The oranges from the present to the past
A serie made by Anja  about the history of the House of Orange in 15 parts from 1163 until now.

The fifth of this month in history …
Special series on the occasion of the five-year anniversary of this site in 2015. In the series I look back  to an event which happened on a fifth of that month in the past.

The photo album of …
A log with a photo-overview of one of the members of the Dutch Royal family

In the spotlight
A report with photos and a biography of a-lesser known member of the Royal family.

Royal, but still quite common
Articles about the work of the members of the Dutch Royal family.

Royal (vacation) Homes
A series about the palaces and villas  in which the members of the Dutch Royal family have lived or still live

Royal Bridal
A series about the wedding dresses from the Dutch princesses.

Royal Quotes
A series with quotes of the members of the Royal family with photos from the archives of the Government Information Service

Controversial royal love
A series about controversial love within the dutch  royal family

Back to …
In the form of a newspaper report I take you back to an event in the past.

Throne change in foreign countries: find the similarities
In this series I compare the throne change from 2013 in the Netherlands with recent throne change at another monarchy. The focus is on the components that are the same in both cases.

Five years The Dutch Royal Family
A series on the occasion of fifth anniversary of the site in 2015 with a look back on the period 2010-2015

Where have I seen this outfit before                                       
A series about the clothes which worn by members of the Dutch royal family more than once