Kingsday 2016

Yesterday it was Koningsdag (Kingsday). This year the King celebrates his birthday together with his wife Queen Maxima ,  daughters the princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, brother Prince Constantijn, sister-in-law Princess Laurentien , nephews the Princes Maurits, Bernhard,  Pieter-Christiaan and Floris and their wives princesses Marilène, Annette, Anita and Aimee his birthday in Zwolle.

The weather forecast for King’s work were not good. 9 degrees, rain and even hail to expect. Reason for King Willem-Alexander to share an encouraging message

“Perhaps the coldest Kingsday ever, but the good atmosphere in Zwolle will warm everyone. See you soon! – WA”

Bron: RVD
Bron: RVD

The royal visit to Zwolle started at the ‘Nieuwe Havenbrug’ There the Royal Family received by the Mayor of Zwolle Henk Jan Meijer and Commissioner of the King of Overijssel: Ank Bijleveld -Schouten. Queen Maxima and the adult princesses got a bouquet. For the daughters of the royal couple, there was a flower bracelet. The Fakkelteitgroep (rap) and Britten Youth String Orchestra made sure the tone for the day was set directly

Then the royal family walked to the Grand Place. During this walk they were shown different things. Performances with sing dance and piano and there was also a large graffiti artwork. This artwork was not finished yet and the princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane and Prince Pieter-Christiaan helped.

The Grand Place was the setting of the big parade, a presentation in wich centuries of regional coöperation, commitment and innovation about four themes: plastic, water and commerce, recreation and agro food was served. Serve was not only figuratively but also literally. At the end there was served asparagus soup. The princes Constantijn, Maurits, Pieter-Christiaan, Floris, and the princesses Aimee and Annette helped with serving. The Grand Parade was accompanied by the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Firebird.

After the grand parade the family walked to the Rodetorenplein. Here they were shown different sports. There was an ice-skating training on a skateboard, a football training and  there was a beach volleyball, hockey and basketball court. Several members of the royal family allowed themselves to join. On high heels that was not always easy. Participation also created hilarity. For example, when Prince Pieter-Christiaan stepping on the skateboard. Princess Alexia, who has broken her leg two months while skiing, participated as well. It seemed that she was not suffer of her fracture any more

After the sporting challenges the royal family boarded a sloop for a short boat trip on the Thorbeckegracht. During the tour the family not only waved, Princess Aimee has a whole conversation in gestures with someone on shore

Near the Pelser bridge the Royal Family stepped out walk further to the Broerenkerkplein. There was the closing festivities with Typhoon. And at his music no one could stand still , even the Royal Family could not.

The King gave a short speech. He thanked for the visit, which was, according to him,  not the coldest day, because “you radiate such warmth that despite the weather it was still the warmest Kingsday ever ‘




Photos ANP – Photos PPE – Photos MPE – Photos Robin Utrecht

1 minute video RTL – Video VorstenTV – short video Shownews

Live broadcast NOS ( commentary and interviews are in Dutch, but I think the footage are quite nice to watch)

The royal couple and their daughters tells what they like about the visit. It’s in Dutch!

A summery of the video above:

The reporter congratulated the royal couple with the king’s birthday and asks what they think about this King’s day King Willem-Alexander said that it is “Warm, heartwarming, wonderful here in Zwolle, they showed us what they can do here, We are still impressed about the parade, the history that had shown excellent. I think we are witnessing a wonderful King’s day here.”

Queen Maxima asked whether the soup was tasty. She says yes and then continues with her view on the parade. Everything was perfect, and the Queen thought it was great that there was a lot of humor in it”

The princesses are asked whether they enjoying themselves. Princess Ariane responded with a very definite “Yes!”. Then she was asked what she liked the most.

Princess Ariane went with “eehm, everything!”, Princess Alexia responds that the “parade was actually the most fun.” The journalist noted that it was nice that she was able to attend the festivities, given that she injured her leg during holiday in February. “Yes, well, it was a huge blow, but I made a full recovery,” Princess Alexia  responded.

Thereafter, the King was asked if he has prepared for the bad weather. He said that you can do nothing about that, and he’s glad it is not that bad.

Amalia agreed with her father that it is nice that the “sun shines a little.” Ask to what she enjoyed the most she said that she can not judge yet, because she have not seen everything yet

In the end the king was asked about security. He said: ‘We live in troubled times, but let’s continue with normal conviviality, show what we stand for, our way of life. We should not let destroy us. We make sure on such a good possible way that safety is guaranteed. I am convinced that those responsible for the safety, doing the best to make sure that everyone can celebrated safely. 


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