Historic day: return Wilhelmina in Netherlands

Written by Yvette 
Who doesn’t know the fragments of ‘Radio Oranje’  with Queen Wilhelmina? From London she tried to courage the dutch people by speaking and also tried to help them free up Netherlands again.

Seventy years after the liberation, Queen Wilhelmina is still the figurehead of the resistance fight in the second world war. Today it is exactly seventy years since the ‘ mother of the Fatherland ‘ set foot  on home soil again. No ceremony, but a simple event.

One thing turned out at her homecoming. Pomp and circumstance were still nothing for her Majesty
 From an American limousine appeared an old lady with coat and hat. They stepped to  Zeeuws-Vlaanderen by cross  a line made with flour. Almost as soon she took place  in the car again.
On her return the Queen got to do with disappointments. Partly for this reason, in 1948 she decided to convey the throne to her only child, Juliana.

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