Look and compare: birth little Prince Sweden versus little princess in Netherlands

This site is about the Dutch Royal family, but sometimes I can not resist to make reference to an event abroad.  And I think it is fun to compare with Netherlands. Yesterday evening there was such a moment. The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to her second child. How did they shared the news, when and how did they announced the name in Sweden and how did that went in Netherlands?

To compare, we need  some similar situation. Princess Victoria is currently the first in line of succession and her newly born son third.  In Netherlands  we have his situation for the last time on 26 June 2005, when the then heir to the throne Prince Willem-Alexander got a second daughter who also was born as third in line to the throne.

Birth Prince Oscar

That the second child of Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden was born was evident by a press release a few minutes before ten o’clock yesterday evening. In this message from the royal court, it was announced that Prince Daniel would have a meeting with the press at the hospital,  in connection with the Royal birth. He announced that he and Princess Viktoria become parents of a son at 8:28 pm.

The first picture came this morning. The newborn Prince is, like its sister at her fist public picture, well packed and therefore not easily visible

The family when they leaving the hospital. Source: Swedish court/Kungahuset.se

In Sweden, the name and title of a new little Prince or Princess announced by the King during a special Council of State.  The names of the son of Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel was announced by King Carl Gustav during the Council of State held at the Royal Palace of Stockholm today.  Prince Carl Philip was also present at the council. .  After The Council of state they share it through a press release. The newly born Prince is called Oscar Carl Olof Duke of Skåne and has the call sign Oscar.

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After the Council of State  there was a Te Deum,  a thanksgiving service. Papa Prince Daniel, sister Princess Estelle, were present as well as both grandparents and all uncles and aunts of the newborn Prince. Other attendees were representatives of official Sweden and the staff of the Royal Court.

Birth Princess Alexia

Before the birth of Princess Alexia in Netherlands was announced,  earlier that day the Gouverment Information Service (Dutch Royal Court) communicate that the mother hospitalized.

At 9 a.m. this morning Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands is, in anticipation of the birth of the second child from her and his Royal Highness the Prince of Orange,  hospitalized in Bronovo hospital in the Hague.

Further information will follow as soon as possible.

RVD, 26.06.2005, 10:30 am

A few hours later came the announcement of the birth

“This afternoon, June 26, 2005, at 14.40 pm, Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands given birth to a healthy daughter in the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague .

‘ We have another beautiful and glowing with health daughter’, according to the father the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima, which further said he is very happy with this family expansion.

The newborn daughter weighed 3490 grams at birth. The length of the baby is 50 cm. Mrs M.J.G.H. Smeets, gynecologist, and Mrs J.H. Kreijen-Meinesz, pediatrician-neonatologist, the Princess in childbirth aside. “

RVD, 26.06.2005, 15.20 hour

Princess Alexia just after her birth
Source: RVD/photographer: King (then Prince) Willem-Alexander

After the official announcement (former Prince) Willem-Alexander had also a meeting with the press.  At the press meeting, he brings his newly born daughter with him. For a picture of the newborn little Princess with her sister we had to wait a little longer. The first picture of the entire family for the general public was during the photo session a tight month later, on 17 July.

The name of the little Princess was announced two days after her birth, during the registration of birth at the municipality.  The declaration tooks place in the old town hall  from the Hague. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende (CDA) and vice president of the Council of State Herman Tjeenk Willink were also present. Mayor Wim Deetman (CDA) has the receive the declaration.

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