Princess Alexia breaks leg

Alexia Lech 2016
© ANP /Gouverment Information Service Photographer: Remko de Waal

The RVD (Gouverment information service) reports that Princess Alexia has broken her leg while she was skiing during the holiday in Lech. The Princess was immediately taken to a hospital by helicopter. There the fracture on the upper right leg was diagnosed and the Princess underwent a surgery. The surgery was successful, but she still has to stay in the hospital for a few days.

More information will be released if there is reason to do so. According to the Government information service.

Update 1 march

Princess Alexia was discharged from hospital. “With her parents she left the hospital. She’s doing fine. The princess will now continue to work on her rehabilitation. She will walk on crutchesfor the coming period” The Government Information Service announced at the beginning of the evening.

On behalf of King WillemAlexander a simiular message was posted on the Facebook page of the Royal Family:

Princess Alexia was discharged from hospital today. She is doing fine. She will  have to work hard on her rehabilitation now and she have to walk with the aid of crutches for time being Thanks for all the wishes for a speedy recovery.” – WA

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