The photo album of … 2013

The RVD (Gouverment Information Service) released enough photos to make a look back on the basis of the RVD photos from 2013.  I added also two archive pictures  wich  are released on the occasion of the death of Prince Friso this year. 

This year I was 75 years and we also celebrated 200 years Kingdom. I found that two beautiful moments in a year and a good moment to pass the kingship to a new generation. On January 28 I made that announcement in a speech.
Princess Beatrix 

This year started for me with celebrating my 70th birthday ( 19 January). I did this with my husband, sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren in Germany. This anniversary was also a reason to share a new family photo and portrait photo. 

Princess Margriet
Like every year we had to pose for the press before we really could enjoy our vacation.  Unfortunately my dad not  allowed me to throw snowballs, according to him, that would chasing me my  whole life.
Princess Amalia. 
Actually my dad had promised it last year, but then my uncle (Prince) Friso seriously injured after an accident. This year we went to Lech by  train. That was a big experience. At the beginning we still had to pose for a lot of photographers.
Princess Ariane
For I became King, I quickly received my peers on 2 March and at that moment my colleagues for a private meeting 
King Willem-Alexander
On april 22, I had my last weekly conversation with the Prime Minister. A crazy idea that after 33 years I do not have to keep free the Monday afternoon  for a conversation with the Prime Minister
Princess Beatrix
On the eve of the troonswisseling we could relax with a dinner in the great Hall of the  ‘Rijksmuseum’ 
Princess Beatrix

30 april was finally come. Together with my family  I staying in the Royal Palace and at seven minutes past ten I signed the Act of abdication in the Moses room of the Royal Palace.  Again I was Princess and my son became King. A special moment.

Princess Beatrix
It was a nice moment to see so many people when we stand on balcony after signing the Act of abdication.
Queen Maxima
The most exciting moment of April 30th for me was taking the oath
King Willem-Alexander.
‘Luckily my sisters and grandmother are nearby during the inauguration. The service was serious, but I will have to get used to it  as ‘Princess of Orange’
The Princess of Orange, Princess Amalia.
We could end the successful day of throne change with a nice dinner and party in the Eye
King Willem-Alexander
After a pretty special day, the first of may became special for me to.  It was then that my my cousin, King Willem-Alexander, appointed me as his aide-de-camp in extraordinary service and  I also promoted to Captain-Lieutenant of the Royal Navy.
Prince Maurice

This photo was released on 25 June 

Queen King Willem-Alexander and Maxima

Also this year we had to pose for we really could enjoy summer vacation. This time it was on 19 July and what a many people of the press, there were! 

Princess Alexia


On 1 July I became a big sister again and of course there had to be a picture of me, my little sister eliane and my newborn brother Willem-Jan. 


 The memory remains and as I said at the commemoration ‘ My love for (Prince) Friso is eternal ‘ and therefore I like to share pictures. Below the two family photos of the series of 6 photos which released around the funeral and memorial service.  
(of course, these are archival photos first picture was taken in the summer of 2010 and the second in the summer of 2009!) 

Princess Mabel
Also I can not escape from the tradition. Thursday 19 december I record my Christmas speech in my house.  The speech was broadcast on 25 december. Unfortunately  the found out the text before the broadcast. 
King Willem-Alexander
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