Funeral of prince Carlos Hugo

Satuday 28 August 2010 was the funeral of  Prince Carlos Hugo de Bourbon Parma, at the Steccata Basilica, Parma.

Besides the childeren from Carlos Hugo and Princess Irene with ther husbands – Carlos Xavier and husband Annemarie, Princess Margarita with husband Tjalling ten Cate, Prince Jaime and Princess Maria Carolina – Princess Irene ,  three sisters of Carlos Hugo, some members from Dutch Royal Family , HRH The Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (a Prince de Bourbon Parma through his grandfather Prince Felix) , members of the Gotha attended the funeral to.


The late Duke is now interred in the crypt of the Steccata which falls under the auspicies of the Ordine dell Costantiniano di Giorgio from which the late Duke was Grandmaster. Duke Carlos Hugo is interred in the simple habit of a Benedictine monk.


Immediately after the funeral took place, the new Duke, Carlos Xavier, was inaugurated as Duke of Parma and from his youger brother Jaime gave the Collre dell Ordine Costatiniano.


After the inauguration Duke Carlos Xavier have a speech in fluent Italian, ending in warm personal words to his father in Spanish.


After this ceremony the family received the condolences of the hundreds of guests at the Steccata, followed by a reception at the Teatro Regio opposite the church. All children of the late Duke  chatted in Italian, Spanish, French, and/or  Dutch and changed from one into another fluently.


For Carlos jr-altest son of Carlos Hugo- and this wife Annemarie this day schould be his religious wedding day. The cicil wedding was at Juni , so oficial the are just married. The new date of the religious wedding isn’t  published yet.


Photo’s from the Funearal do you find HERE , HERE and HERE

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