News from 18 August until 22 August.

Prince Carlos Hugo de bourbon de Parme died at Barcelona. CarlosHugo
Prince Carlos Hugo de Bourbon de Parme , the Duke of Parma and Piacenza,, died 18 August at 8.00am in a hospital at Barcelona, Spain, aged 80. He died of cancer. Carlos Hugo was the ex husband from Princess Irene of the Netherlands – the sister of queen Beatrix and the second daughter of Queen Juliana (1909 -2004) & Prince Bernard (1911 -2004)- with her Carlos Hugoo have four childeren: Carlos (1970) Margarita (1972) Jaime (1972) and Carolina (1972). He had one recognised granddaughter, Julia (2008), She is a douther from Margarita.
The remains of Carlos Hugo will be transfered to the “Koepel van Fagel” near Noordeinde Palace in The Hague, The Netherlands, on Friday. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will pay for the costs of the flight by Dutch government airplane. Afterwards he will be taken to Parma, Italy, where he will be buried in the family vault at the Basilica Magistrale Constantiniana della Steccata. A memorial service will take place later on in Madrid, Spain.
Do you want to read more about Carlos Hugo? Click HERE. Would you like to know more about the Carlism? Click HERE
Prince Willem Alexander , Princess Maxima and kids at SAIL 2010.
Prince Willem Alexander opened at 19 August the eighth edition from Sail Amsterdam with the Clipper. The prince loves sailing and water patron of the Foundation Sail Amsterdam.
At saterday 21 August Prince Willem Alexander was at Sail Amsterdam again. This time he bring his wife Princess Maxima and his kids with him. And he sailed around in the boat from his mother Queen Beatrix , the green dragon.
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At sunday 22 August Prince Willem Alxander was at Sail again. This time with his mother Queen Beatrix , his wife and his childeren.  With his mother and wife he decreasing the boat show.

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  • 19 okt 2011 om 4:02 pm

    I think writing in Englisch is really hard.. Ican't! But yeah, I can see a few mistakes, douther: daughter/ husbend: husband and a better sentence:This time he bring his wife Princess Maxima and his kids with: This time he brought máxima and the kids with him..
    Thanks yes it is hard. Thanks for correcting me , it are mistakes which I should not make.

  • 18 apr 2013 om 2:31 pm

    1. The word is "English" and not Englisch with a "sch"
    2.Do you like to know more about the Carlism? Click HERE …"Would you like" instead of "do you like"
    3 opened at 19 August…..opened on 19 August
    4.And he speed around with the boat from his mother queen Beatrix , the green drogon……And he sailed around in the boat from his mother Queen Beatrix , the green dragon.

    I hope this helps you . ps I am a native English speaker.


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