Photosession summer 2015

This afternoon it was time for a photosession with the family of King Willem-Alexander. This time, the photoshoot took place on the beach  near Nature reserve Meijendel in Wassenaar. This was also the location in the photo session in the summer of 2009.

“Quiet day at the beach with the family” – WA #fotosessie #zomer #strand

According to King Willem-Alexander. He posted the massage on the official Twitter account of the gouverment information service. He enclosed  the following picture:

Around eighty photographers and camera crews were there to photograph King Willem-Alexander ,  Queen Maxima and their daughters, the Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane together with the dogs Skipper and Nala


 © RVD: Fotograaf Robin Utrecht

Artikel (in Dutch) with photos and video NOS – Video RTL  – Photos ANP – Photos PPE – Photos MPE – Photos Robin Utrecht

There was also there was also an opportunity to ask questions. The King said that he hopes that Greece will be out of the crisis as soon as possible. He added that his concerns about Greece is separate from the fact that he has a vacationhome there. he did not answer when he was asked whether he wants Greece to stay in the European Union. Some other question was about Princess Amalia who goes to high school. ‘ Of course, it is exciting, but she’s ready for it ‘, according to the King and the Queen also indicated that Princess Amalia is ready for a new school. There were also talk about ‘ healthy eating ‘ They said that they do not cook very much , but the family eats varied and healthy.  Other call topics: the ultimate holiday day and social media.

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