Reminder service Prince Friso

Today friends and family remember  Prince Friso in a ceremony in  the Old Church in Delf. In this church Prins Friso married Princess Mabel in 2004. The service was attended by about 800 people. These were family members and people who have known Prince Friso and / or Princess Mabel. There also names who are well-known  such as Desmund Tutu, Kofi Anan, the lead singer of U2 (Bono), Prime Minister Rutte, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Princess Martha Louise of Norway with her husband Ahri Bern.

During the service King Willem-Alexander speaks about the wounds that the death of prince Friso has left
“The first autumn storm finished raging, the forests around Lage Vuursche where Friso is buried is peaceful again. Likewise with me the first storm of anger and impotence slowly pass. The wound begins to show  the first signs of healing, though I can not see how the scar will grow together with me ”
Prince Constantine made the link between Prince Friso and their father Prince Claus, Desmund Tutu prayed, Huub Oosterhuis said personal words , Lotte Crombag (daughter of Princess Mabel’s sister)  spoke also ,  but this is no video release from that and there were friends who spoke.  At the end of the service Princess Mabel spoke about her love for Prince Friso.

Read HERE the program.

See HERE and HERE pictures of the arrival.

See HERE the photos from in the church

See HERE the special NOS broadcast with videos of the service and interviews with friends of Prince Friso. (Most in Dutch)

The RVD released in name of Princess Mabel three pictures

download-prins_friso__prinses_mabel_en_dochters-2download-prins_friso_en_dochters-1 download-prins_friso_en_dochters-3




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